Do you have a shoe box where you accumulate

All your receipts and brown envelopes?

Late Tax Filing

Better late than never.

If you have a shoe box where you accumulate all your receipts and brown envelopes from the CRA,
If one of the following situations bothers you, you should consider help.

You need to go forward with your business or with your family,
You are fed up to be afraid to open your mail, or to receive phone calls,
You want to sleep peacefully..

Shoe Box: Any Ideal Solution?

The best solution must be one solution that you feel comfortable with.

We start with a meeting to clarify your situation:
How many years are you behind?

  • Is there a reason for that? Did something happen to you recently?

  • Do you owe HST, individual or Corporate taxes? Did you partially file something?

  • Were you contacted by the C.R.A.? Or did you decide by you own to adjust the situation?

One Step at the time

It is never too late

Some solutions exist

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Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)

Principles of the VDP
¶ 8. The VDP promotes compliance with Canada's tax laws by encouraging taxpayers to voluntarily come forward and correct previous omissions in their dealings with the CRA. Taxpayers who make a valid disclosure will have to pay the taxes or charges plus interest, without penalty or prosecution that the taxpayer would otherwise be subject to under the acts noted above.
¶ 9. The VDP is not intended to serve as a vehicle for taxpayers to intentionally avoid their legal obligations under the acts administered by the CRA.